Start Making Your Own Granola!

From Aloe Veritas Food Forum:

I was just in the grocery store the other day, looking around for some bran flakes (that were not full of chemicals and added sugars) and I happen to glance over at the boxes of granola which filled up shelf after shelf.  I picked up a few of the granolas and looked at the ingredient lists.  As usual, they had sugars, and sweeteners, and syrups, and high fructose this and that listed all over them – along with chocolate chips, vanilla chunks and all kinds of “frosted” whatever. 

In short, most brand name granolas sold in grocery stores these days are simply re-packaged kiddie cereals (not much better than Captain Crunch and Froot loops) with a few bran flakes and flax seeds thrown in.  And they do work hard at fooling people into thinking they are getting something ‘healthy.’  The front of the boxes will be screaming about “NON-GMO!!”  and “1 GRAM OF FIBRE! In every bowl!” and lot’s of other hooey that does nothing to mitigate all the sugary crap that is listed on the back of the box.

America, it is time we stopped handing our money over to brand name granola makers (they are godawful expensive to boot!) and started making our own granola.  It’s the only way to know for sure that you are getting something that isn’t stuffed with hidden sugar, sodium, and a load of other chemicals that the defunded and gutted FDA no longer as the ability to regulate.

And by gosh, it is EASY to make your own granola!  Buy your own ingredients and throw them together in your own kitchen and Wah Lah! You’ve got granola! No baking, boiling or any sort of kitchen machinery required.  And it will taste great, be less expensive, and won’t rot your teeth and expand your waistline with all their added surgars. 

You can probably find all the ingredients you need at a regular grocery store, but you might want to go to their healthfood/bulk sales section for some items.


Try This:  Becca’s Better than Store Bought Granola

2 cups –      Cornflakes (try to find some that don’t list fructose on the back. They’re around)

2 cups –      Bran Flakes (organic if possible)

1.5 cups –   Oatmeal, (organic if possible) uncooked and not instant

1 cup –       Pecan pieces

.5 cup –      Almond shaved or slivered

2 tbl Spn – Flax seeds

.5 cup –      Raisons, if you like them

Last ingredient – get creative:  See anything else that looks healthy, tasty and compatible with corn flakes? Throw it in there.

Then you just put all the above listed ingredients in a big bowl – leave ‘em dry! – and stir them up a bit.  If you want a little added sweetness try stirring in a few tablespoons of brown powdered monkfruit; it clings to the flakes nicely. Then pour the mixture into a goodsized jar and decanter so it will be ready for use. 


And guess what you just did?  You just made granola! And it is ready to eat right now.  Grab a bowl full of your new creation, pour over it whatever kind of milk you like (almond, soy, coconut, any will work) and you are ready to enjoy the healthy, less expensive fruits of your not-very-much labor.   Think of it — Less sugar, more change jingling in your pocket, and a sense of accomplishment – all from one nifty bowl of homemade granola.  Go for it!

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