It’s Time for A Cookie Revolution!

Homemade cookies are not only better for you, they even taste better (with none of the stupid packaging!)

Yes, today I am leading the charge against prepackaged over-processed sugar disks – what most people call “cookies” – that are filling the grocery store shelves near you! 

Sure, everybody loves cookies.  They come in an endless variety of flavors and types, sizes and shapes.  Just about anything can be made into a cookie (even the IT industry has come up with their own version).    But the problem is that corporate food producers have long been stuffing their innocent looking cookies with tons of sugar, sodium, and a host of preservative and flavoring chemicals. 

And the truth is (as the corporations have always known) none of those addictive, unhealthy additives have ever been necessary.  That’s right.  None of that has ever been necessary for making perfectly wonderful cookies that are not the enemies of your health.  And they also don’t need the fancy wrapping or the jacked up prices.  (it’s always about money, isn’t it?)

I have already revolted against store bought cookies a while ago and begun making a whole range of my own – all from one basic recipe that has 3 (count ’em 3!) basic ingredients only!  Yes, I did say just 3 ingredients can form the basis for making at least a dozen different kinds of cookies.  I found a similar basic recipe in a vegetarian cook book a few years ago and it was good for a starter, but it had a couple more ingredients than the basic three.  I got rid of those other ingredients, just didn’t need them.

And here’s another thing:  you not only don’t need the jacked up additives and sugars of store bought cookies – you also don’t need eggs, or milk, or butter, etc. – no dairy! You just don’t need it (whether you’re vegan or not).  You can easily make some marvelous cookies without any of that.  Sure you can!  And here’s how:


3 Ingredient Plus Cookies

(drum roll please)

  • 2-4 over ripe bananas
  • 3 cups of oatmeal (or 2.5 cups of any denser sort of flour)
  • 1 cup water (or however much needed to combine the bananas and oatmeal to the consistency you like)
  • Plus – whatever… optional (see suggestions below)

And that’s it, folks.  Mix it all up in a big bowl and then, with just these 3 ingredients, you are ready to spoon out large or small dollops onto a cookie sheet (nonstick spray makes easier clean up).  The cookies will bake to a golden firmness in a 280 degree oven after about 20 minutes.  The bananas provide all the creaminess, oils, and sweetness you’ll need. (Scrap the dairy products for sure!)

But Wait!!  You say you want cinnamon cookies?  Then, in the mixing bowl, add cinnamon to the three basic ingredients. You like extra spicy?  Then add cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, anything you have.  Must have chocolate chips or cocoa powder? – put ‘em in there.  And how about nuts?  Pecans, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, they will all work fine.  And if your sweet tooth isn’t satisfied, toss in a little stevia, monkfruit, or whatever sweetener you like.  You could add blueberries, cherries, even apples or some apple sauce (in fact, the apple sauce could replace the bananas if you prefer.)  Pumpkin puree could also join with or substitute for the bananas… and the variations can go on, and on…

The point is, that you can make just about any flavor of healthy delicious cookies that you would like – without the hype, without the chemical additives, without the expense, without the sugar or the dairy products.  And these are excellent  cookies full of healthy nutrient dense ingredients.  You won’t be losing a thing.

 Isn’t it great to find out you don’t need what you have been led to believe all your life that you did need?  It’s only cookies we’re talking about here but that is a small sense of freedom. And many great things start small.

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