The Power and Protein of Pecans!

(Say Hello to Nut Meat and Goodbye to Animal Meat!)

Time for Pecans to take a bow!

undefinedI want to talk about Pecans today for a number of reasons — but mainly because pecans, like most other tree nuts, are a delectable and powerful source of protein.  Most human beings thrive on rich varieties of protein and it is therefore an important issue.   In fact, in regards to vegans and vegetarians, protein has always been an important subject and even a source of debate and criticism from those who produce or consume animal products.

This debate doesn’t derive from any real lack of protein in the vegan diet, but rather public misconceptions about protein itself and where it comes from.  Sadly, there are a lot of people who criticize, and even refuse to participate in Vegan/Vegetarianism all because of what they just don’t understand about protein. 

In western culture and particularly the US, conventional mainstream thinking has always decreed that animal meat is an absolute necessity for providing protein in the human diet.  “They” would have you believe there is nowhere else to turn for protein other than meat and a few dairy products, but that is just plainly wrong.  And this is after the old USDA nutrition hierarchy chart has long been discredited. 

Even so, our government is still publishing this chart shown below (I say meat shouldn’t even be on there!) and it is easily found on the internet. Most modern day nutritionists dispute the hierarchical placement and balance of food types shown in this chart.  For the last 20 years it has been almost universally recognized that vegetables, fruits, and other whole unprocessed foods should make up the largest share of the daily diet – yet what I call the JPW (Just Plain Wrong!) chart still prevails at the USDA.

The old USDA Food Hierarchy Chart
(red mark-ups are mine)

It has long been well known that there are many other sources that far outdistance meat and dairy as sources of protein, such as:  Nuts, seeds, all kinds of beans, lentils, soy products, and even the lovely green peas people eat all the time.  Other forms of high quality protein can be extracted or made from familiar sources like wheat and yeast and hemp.   (Check out your local health food store and even some grocery stores: You’ll be amazed at the vast variety and wondrously improved quality of vegan products currently on the market).

That dumb USDA chart above has done nothing but mislead generations of Americans who are now more overweight and unhealthy than ever because of such government presented fallacies – but more on that at another time.

Plainly, many people are still to be disabused of the false notion that animal meat and dairy are the only sources for protein.  That idea is very far from the truth and one proof of that is the wonder of good ole pecans.  Pecans, in particular, are a tree nut powerhouse and a nutritional boon that far outdistances meat or any kind of dairy product. 

Unlike animal meat, these delicious morsels of protein don’t have to be cooked first and the trees that bear them don’t have to be slaughtered

Just one ounce, hardly a handful of pecans provides 3-5 grams of protein, along with dozens of other vitamins and minerals.  And that same ounce of pecans will also provide 3 grams of fiber, but only 1 scant ounce of sugar.  And they supply all of that wonderful protein and fiber without the cholesterol, saturated fats, and other indigestible and unneeded properties of animal meat which provides no fiber and is lacking in many other nutrients!.

Pecans not only provide more and better protein per ounce than meat, they also supply heart healthy unsaturated fats, and are a great source of antioxidants, and other immunity boosting and inflammation fighting nutrients.  In fact, many studies have linked pecan consumption to the prevention of coronary heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer and even more diseases and deficiencies beyond that.  There is no form of artery clogging animal meat that can ever stand up to those claims to fame!

It’s time to say good bye to animal meat and hello to Pecans and all their healthy relatives and friends that should be filling up the national food chart!

Want more health benefit information about Pecans? Here’s a good recent source from Natural Food 11 Impressive Benefits of Pecan Nuts

And here are some great Pecan recipes to get you started from a site I found called The Go Vegan Club: Heart Smart Pecan Recipes

undefinedWant to buy healthy fresh harvested pecans directly from a grower? Here are some growers who are ready to ship to you today:

Swift River Pecans (Texas)

Hudson Pecan Company (Georgia)

NM Pecan (New Mexico)

A Pleistocene Pecan Tree
(providing habitat, shade, carbon removal, beauty — and Pecans!)

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