Beyond Meat rockets in early trading on Nasdaq, reaching a valuation of over $3 billion

I am sharing this article from TechCrunch because it helps to show that any resistance to meat alternatives by the general public (“don’t take away our hamburgers”?) is vastly overstated by the media. There are a lot of people that want to try something different from animal meat — something that has less impact on their health and the planet.

For most people, the difficulty in getting away from animal meat is a matter of habit, how they were raised to eat growing up, and the seeming unavailability of alternatives Almost no one has any particular emotional attachment or some dire addiction to beef or chicken, etc. — or the harmful industries that produce animal meats while they destroy the environment.

And so it doesn’t really surprise me that the response is overwhelming to a plant based meat alternative, even from a very traditional meat purveyor like Burger King. It may have surprised Burger King backers, but I find people hungering for plant based foods and meat alternatives everywhere I go! If these health minded, flavor loving people are not currently the majority, they soon will be.

Want to know the best burger that I have ever had? A Black Bean Burger!! Believe me, it’s not just good, it’s a Wow! After you have had a well made, delicious Black Bean Burger, you will never want to go back to an animal meat burger.

Want to give it a try? Here’s a great recipe from Upbeet Kitchen. I bet you’ll love it: Smoky Barbeque Black Bean Burgers

An incredibly good Black Bean Burger!

There are many delicious Black Bean Burger recipes on the internet and elsewhere. And they are being sold in more and more restaurants. Try cooking up some of these — along with some great “Not Dogs” — at your next Barbeque!

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