Cruelty to Animals: Protestor confronts Jeff Bezos of Amazon / WholeFoods

We should love animals, never hurt them or eat them!

“Animal Rights Activist Storms Stage at Jeff Bezos (Amazon) Appearance” (BBC News)

Amazon and Wholefoods is supplied with millions of chicken, beef, pork, and dairy products that are produced on horrendously cruel “farms”. Amazon is spending a fortune to go to Mars, but not one penny to stop the needless suffering of animals.

For more information of this terrible saga of inhumanity see a recent post by Veganista: “America’s Largest Dairy Busted for Severe Abuse to Baby Calves” (Warning: There are looping video clips on this site that are very violent are hard to watch).

You can be sure that Amazon and almost all major grocery chains are customers of this dairy and probably know full well what their practices are. Hopefully someday soon they will be forced to stop providing these toxic “foods” and to make reparations for the loss of human health and all the animal suffering and cruelty they have committed.

4 thoughts on “Cruelty to Animals: Protestor confronts Jeff Bezos of Amazon / WholeFoods

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