It’s Time For A Cookie Revolution – Revised!

And see the “Cookie Challenge” below:

I’ve realized something! I need to revise my ultra simple “Basic Cookie Recipe” down from three ingredients (bananas, oatmeal, water) to only two ingredients! Yes, that’s right. If the bananas are mushy and ripe enough you don’t even need water! How about that!?

You can bake perfectly good cookies with just bananas and oatmeal, and they will hold together, brown evenly and come out with a nice crumb. Amazing! Everything else is optional, including water or any other added liquid. By the same token,you can also add almost anything else you can think of to these two basic ingredients and also come up with a great cookie. Cocoa, peanut butter, coconut, any kind of fruit puree, nuts — the sky’s the limit!

Here’s my challenge to all adventurous cookie makers out there: Come up with a “Mexican Fiesta Cookie” based on the two basic ingredients. Add plenty of cinnamon (almost all Mexican desserts have cinnamon) and something else red and something else green — and let me know what the results are. (Must be delicious!)

I promise I will try the recipe myself and I will feature your creation on my site (giving you credit of course)!

Hasta La Vista my fellow Cookie Revolutionaries!

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