5 Things About Our Oceans You Need to Know! – From “Our World”

On this beautiful blue planet there is so much to be grateful for, so much bounty, so much to love and live for. And yet we treat the treasures of our land, atmosphere, and our oceans so badly. In fact it is the oceans that are becoming the biggest casualties of Climate change and human-caused pollution and disruption — and not just in the future, but right now.

From the bleaching of coral reefs, to vast “dead zones” where there are inexplicably no fish or plant life, to oil spills and other chemical pollutants, now we must add this: plastics of all kinds being dumped into the ocean, being eaten by fish, seals and whales. And here is the latest: Microparticles of plastic showing up in sea water, fish and seafood, and even in bottled water being sold to humans.

What can we do to save the precious resource of our oceans and restore them to what they once were? This article (linked above) from “Our World” discusses 5 things we need to know to address this burgeoning problem. These problems can be solved because it has been proven many times: If you just give Mother Nature a chance, She can heal Herself.

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