60% of “Meat” Will Not Come From Animals By 2040 – World Animal News

(also The Story of the Baby, the Bunny, and the Apple)

This is a great article originally from World Animal News — a lot of good info in the link above! — but I believe that the 60% mark is actually coming much sooner than 2040.

Already more and more professional athletes and body builders are announcing that they are going 100% plant based or vegan, mainly because plant based proteins are much higher quality than animal derived (and without all the cholesterol and saturated fats) and are easier to intensify for protein boosters. They can also get all of the calories they need from plant based foods, such as nuts and oils (like Olive oil), which are intensely caloric but also very dense in nutrients.

With the availability of high quality plant based foods and the obvious cruelty of harvesting and eating animals, my only questions is: Why is taking so long for all people to reject animal derived foods? It probably has to do with the Government and Big Agriculture continuing to produce and push out animal products (not to mention all the advertising, cooking shows and domination of the grocery stores). The public in many places is still given little choice other than meat and dairy — or even just boxed, processed foods in the now famous “food deserts.”

But if it weren’t for that, I think we all would have gone vegan a long time ago. This is because there is nothing ‘natural’ or instinctive about meat eating and humans have not evolved to eat any but the smallest quantities of meat as anthropologists and others have proven.

A Baby, A Bunny, An Apple, and a Question

I remember years ago reading a great allegory about whether or not it is instinctive or normal for humans to eat meat. Or you might call it a sort of experiment involving a baby, an apple and a rabbit. The writer, a diet expert, posited that a one year old baby is very natural and all instinct — hasn’t had time to learn anything else yet, right? So why not take a hungry little baby ready for dinnertime and put two things into the crib with him: an apple and a live bunny.

And then, as the diet expert said: “If the baby eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I’ll buy you a new car.”

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