Food Flash Review: Earth Burger – Veggie Burger Stand

Roasted Quinoa Burger – $6.29

A new burger drive-through called Earth Burger – Veggie Burger Stand has sprung up in our small Texas town. On it’s website, Earth Burger describes itself as “vegetarian” and says it’s working to provide healthy food “while doing something better for the planet.” They originated in San Antonio, Texas, as did the famous Whataburger, a much older chain that provides traditional animal derived meat sandwiches.

Interestingly, Earth Burger sports a mostly orange colored logo and brand which is somewhat similar to Whataburger’s very familiar orange and white chevrons. But that is where the similiarity fairly much ends. For one thing, most all burger stands, fast food places, eateries — indeed restaurants of any kind — are open for business on Saturdays. But Earth Burger is not; it is dead closed on Saturdays. They are open on the other 6 days of the week, but closure on Saturdays may prove to be an unhelpful business practice in the fast food market.

Will their food and uniqueness make up for the loss of Saturday business? Possibly so. They have a number of delicious sounding (all meatless) offerings, such as: Spicy Chik-N Sandwich, BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, and Buffalo Chik-N Wrap. They also offer a tasty assortment of bowls, sides and desserts.

For this review, I chose to try their Roasted Quinoa Burger, which also includes lentils, garlic and a number of spices in the patty. It was a good choice! The burger was a little smaller than I expected but the quinoa/lentil patty had a great roasted flavor, very similar to the burgers of my youth. Anyone who is still eating animal protein should be satisfied with this burger; it’s mimic of beef is pretty convincing.

Topped with a mayo based sauce and a sprinkling of onions and lettuce, this Roasted Quinoa Burger was a real treat, if not an overly large amount of food. If you want to make it a combo and add a side and drink, that will cost roughly another $4.00.

On the whole, Earth Burger is a bit pricier than traditional hamburger stands but it rises above the rest in terms of what I call real food value: a combination of price, nutritional benefits (and lack of detriments), and an alluring taste experience. Earth Burger ranks high in food value and it’s Roasted Quinoa Burger is a definite winner.

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