Dogs are People Too:  The Science Behind Puppy Dog Eyes

This article helps to remind us that all animals are intelligent and have emotions and souls and the right to live decent lives, just like humans do. It is from one of my favorite online publications:  They cover a lot of the most up to date astronomy and science news, and also a lot about the environment and earthly critters. 

from “The Science Behind Puppy Dog Eyes”

Also, a suggestion:  The next time you go the grocery store and buy some food for your pet, please think about buying an extra bag of dog food or cat food and dropping it off at your local animal shelter.  

This helps them greatly if they are overburdened with dogs or cats and it allows them to shift money from food to things like medicines, vet care, and other items that animals might need.

Thank you.

(see link below)

The science behind puppy dog eyes

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