A Short Little Video About Cows, Joy, and A Second Chance

See cows jumping and running around like puppies…

In case you missed it:

“Rescued cows say thank you in the most incredible way” From Animals Australia -video

Sometimes you need to hear something that will make you feel better about the world and will bolster your conviction that suffering and misery and cruelty don’t always have to win. Sometimes joy, kindness and justice can come out on top and shine like a beacon on a hill. Let us all keep looking for that light and make as much of it as we can ourselves.

“Some of the purest joy you will ever see,” Animals Australia – video

This brief video helped to remind me of what is possible and gave me some hope to keep me going. There are some good kind people out there who are willing to do what they can to help and rescue animals that have no way to help themselves. Are you one of those people? I give you my heartfelt thanks and so do millions of others, (people and animals).

“Keep on keepin’ on” and have a wonderful week.

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