Think ‘Wild’ Animals don’t Play and Enjoy Life Like We do? Think Again!

(And a Happy 4th of July Suggestion!)

Thanks to “Our World”, an incredible website full of news and great information, for pointing out this wonderful little video, very short and very sweet, showing wild bear cubs having a good ole time, as much as any human cubs ever did.

Three Little Bears and a Hammock – video

This video helps me to realize that humans are not the only animals on this earth, and we are not the only ‘important’ animals, and we are certainly not the only ones that can feel joy, pain, happiness, sorrow; all animals have emotions, feelings and souls. Therefore all animals deserve to be loved and protected and allowed to live in a world where they can be healthy and free.

A Fourth of July Suggestion!

What can you do bring a little more freedom, joy and independence to Animals around the world this Independence Day?

How about this year when you do your shopping for your 4th of July Bar-b-que — rather than buying ground beef — buy some pineapple and cauliflower, cut them into thick round slabs, brush on some bar-b-que sauce and sizzle them on the grill? Then put them between toasted buns with lettuce and tomato and you won’t miss beef for a minute!

And don’t forget quinoa burgers, black bean burgers, and Seitan Not dogs — there is a whole range of nutritious choices and alternatives for any feast that don’t exploit animals and do taste delicious, and help to heal your body and the earth.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

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