Black-and-Blue (Blackberry and Blueberry) Pancakes: The Healthiest Pancakes You’ve Ever Heard Of!

First, here are some of the benefits of Black-and-Blue pancakes:

1. They taste wonderful, 2. They are completely vegan, 3. High in protein 4. High in fiber, 5. Nutrient dense, 6. Easy-to-find ingredients that are also inexpensive, 7. They appeal to kids as well as adults and 8. They provide both quick energy and a “slow burn” which can last most of the day.

The very idea of pancakes sounds kind of fattening and decadent to most people — but these pancakes only taste that way. B-and-B pancakes can be a great start to your day especially if you are going to be challenged and on a long hike or bike ride or for some other reason may not be able to stop for lunch. These pancakes will see you through.

There are 4 main ingredients that set these pancakes apart and make them better than the rest:

  1. Blackberries – (a powerhouse of antioxidants and vitamins and loaded with phenolic acids, flavonoids, and flavonols which are proven to protect the body from a myriad of diseases. Blackberries improve digestion, support a healthy heart, and boost immunity.)
  2. Blueberries – (widely known as a “superfood”, they are rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, zinc, and vitamin K and they are loaded with antioxidants. They are purported to lower cholesterol, manage diabetes and help to prevent cancer — to name only a few of their numerous benefits.)
  3. Wheat bran – (a great source of fibre which we now know has a slew of health benefits beyond even the digestive support it gives, including the prevention of cancer.)
  4. Oat bran – (likewise a great source of fibre and also packed with antioxidants and nutrients like vitamin B, iron, and zinc. It is touted to help reduce inflammation, prevent heart disease, and help with weight loss.)

The blackberries and blueberries are “in season” for most of the summer and are readily available at most any grocery store. They can be a little pricey at certain times of the year but their nutritional benefits generally make them worth a few more pennies.

Both wheat bran and oat bran are also readily available, easily found at any grocery store that has a health food aisle as prepackaged items, or better yet, in the bulk food section (with all the bins where you help yourself and print your own labels). The bulk food section will be far less expensive than the pre-packaged kind mostly because it doesn’t have the packaging and you can control how much you buy. But you can buy a pound of either kind of bran from the bulk aisle for about $2.00 — but the same pound on the prepackaged aisle could cost $6-8.00 — that is a pretty big difference. My motto is: Always check the Bulk aisle first!

Black and Blue Pancakes recipe:


1 Cup – Whole Wheat Flour (all purpose or any other wheat flour will do)

1/2 Cup – Wheat Bran

1/2 Cup – Oat Bran

1 Tblspn – Nutritive Yeast (also readily available and cheap in the bulk aisle)

2 Tblspn – Sunflower oil (or any kind of healthy cooking oil)

1 Cup – Oat milk (or any other kind of plant milk will probably do)

1 Cup – Fresh Blueberries

1 Cup – Fresh, chopped Blackberries (don’t put them in whole, cut them into quarters)


Stir together all of the dry ingredients first in a mixing bowl — I sometimes add a pinch of salt here as a flavor booster. If you have a healthier sugar, like coconut sugar, or some stevia or monkfruit sweetener (and you like your pancakes to have some sweetness before or without using syrup) add the equivalent of one tablespoon sugar or sweetener here.

Next, stir in the plant milk and the cooking oil (this replaces egg or egg substitute) and keep stirring until all is mixed well and comes to a thick but easily pourable consistency. If it’s too thick, keep adding water until it pours like pancake batter — but if it gets too thin, add some more flour or bran.

Now stir in your blackberries and blueberries — after this, if the mixture becomes too thick, add a little more water until it’s pourable. And you are now good to go. Pour your pancakes on to a preheated nonstick griddle or large skillet and wait for the magic…

They do take a few minutes to cook through, so don’t rush them — medium to high heat (not the highest setting) should be best.

And then once they are golden brown on both sides and plated up, you can probably enjoy them without syrup, especially if you added a little sweetener at the beginning. But if you’re like me and always look forward to the syrup dripping off the mountain of pancakes, there are plenty of zero calorie and low calorie syrups out there — some of them even claim to be ‘healthy’.

But these pancakes are definitely healthy, with or without syrup! Drop me a line in you have a comment or questions and … Enjoy!

I don’t have a picture of these pancakes on a plate to show you because I ate them too fast — they hardly made it to the plate!

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