It’s Not About “Cow Farts” It’s About Green House Gases and It Matters.

Aloe Veritas

This well behaved Guernsey is always welcome in polite society!

I heard the “cow fart” fallacy again last night when I was watching a YouTube video about someone’s theories regarding asteroids destroying the earth within the next 10,000 years.  The author started that the possibility of earth’s destruction by asteroid strikes was so much more serious and plausible than any “political movements or silly nonsense about cow farts and climate change” and that all such notions should be dropped immediately in favor of “reaching for the stars.”  Humanity should only be interested in developing technology to divert asteroids and finding other planets to live on.  Really? 

This guy actually argued that humanity has a better chance –
and a greater need! – of developing technology for diverting asteroids than
they do of effectively addressing injustice and climate change. (Which, of
course, even if that is remotely the case, it would…

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