Is Now The Time to Go Vegan?

Reason #1: Meat Production Created Covid-19

Covid-19 was not created by China or the people of China. It was created and became a pandemic when meat production animals generated the virus due to close and brutal conditions and then the virus was passed to humans. All of this only coincidentally took place in China. It could have happened anywhere in the world where animals are herded together in large numbers, forced to live crammed together in viciously bad conditions and then slaughtered for meat.

Covid-19 is simply the latest outcome of the worldwide agricultural industry and the brutal treatment and butchery of animals. Other viruses have emerged from this source before and there will be more to come… Unless we stop all industrialized meat production now.

And this cannot be emphasized enough: We do not need this food source, not for protein or anything else. There are numerous and vastly more adequate, safe, and nutritious sources of protein available everywhere on this planet (where food itself is generally available, that is).

Even where food is scarce, trying to fill this void with animal meat and dairy is a horrible solution. These biological substances are difficult to ship and preserve and easily pick up and propagate all kinds of contaminants, bacteria and viruses. Salmonella and e coli were shocking enough but now our world is tragically coming into contact with perhaps the biggest killer of them all. And all of this has been brought to you by Big Agriculture and animal meat/dairy products.

If you want to know what you can do to combat the coronavirus outbreak and stop the next pandemic from ever happening, here is a definite: Stop. Eating. Meat. Stop now and don’t go back.

Start learning how to have a healthy, whole and satisfying plant-based diet. The stores are filled with fruits, vegetables and vegan friendly foods (still).  Advice and education and recipes and ideas and support and leadership by and for vegans abound everywhere.  Just look on the internet, or maybe look to your neighbor. Veganism is more common and prevalent than you know.

And what a convenience it would be to go Vegan right now. Due to the fear and stockpiling that the pandemic has caused, the meat and dairy shelves are empty anyway — have you noticed? (when they come back, the price gouging and inflation will surely be enormous). So that is your que, my friends. Now is the time to go Vegan and adopt a wholey plant-based diet. Plant foods are about all you can find right now anyway.

So make the most of it, go with the flow, as they say. And follow your heart, your mind and your conscience — you know it’s the right thing to do. If you go plant based now, your body and your health will thank you, animals will thank you, mother earth and the climate will thank you. And maybe you will be the tipping point, a part of the reason that future generations will flourish and cherish the earth. Perhaps they will eat only plants and won’t even know what the word “pandemic” ever meant.

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