Animals Are Not Food

One more time: A Baby, A Bunny, An Apple and A Question

Just another look at the Baby-Bunny-Apple story in case it was missed. It’s very short but it’s pretty good:

Here’s a great allegory about whether or not it is instinctive or normal for humans to eat animal meat. Or you might call it a sort of experiment involving a baby, an apple and a rabbit. The writer, a diet expert, posited that a one-year-old baby is very natural and all instinct — hasn’t had time to learn anything else yet, right? So why not take a hungry little baby ready for dinnertime and put two things into the crib with him: an apple and a live bunny.

And then, as the diet expert said: “If the baby eats the rabbit and only plays with the apple, I’ll buy you a new car.”

Please sign this important Petition: The Barbaric Yulin Dog Meat Festival Must End! – from “Our World”

Elephant Hunting Must Be Stopped!

Elephant populations in the wild are down from 3-5 million in the last century to under 500,000 due to unregulated hunting, according to the New York Time’s recent article:  Botswana Ends Ban on Elephant Hunting.  The country of Botswana is now lifting a 5 year prohibition on elephant hunting and allowing it to resume (but of course the poaching never stopped).  This is just a bizarre and obscene crime against nature – no one should be allowed to hunt or kill these magnificent animals.  

All animals deserve the same care and protection, especially at a time like this when it has been recently announced that over 1 million different species will soon disappear due to climate change. 

I was also struck when I read the unsettling information in a food information book that in the United States alone people eat one million animals every hour.  All of this is bizarre and obscene and should not be happening.  It forces me to realize anew that we must change and we can change, especially in the United States where we are surrounded by affluence and endless food choices. Each of us can start this change right now by resolving never to eat an animal again.

Horse Racing is Not a Sport

It is Systematic Abuse of Horses

I came upon a group called “” by accident because of the recent news of several famous horse racing venues being racked by the scandal of a huge number of horses being injured and killed, and even dying from mysterious diseases. If you have ever thought that horse racing was a glamorous and interesting ‘sport’ that wasn’t harmful to horses, you need to read the article embedded above — and I wholeheartedly encourage you to visit their site as well. If you have a soul, it will change your view of horse
racing forever.

Worldwide news outlets have been reporting on the recent slaughter of large
numbers of horses on racetracks, those great playgrounds of the wealthy. The
Guardian ran an article (embedded above) that asked, “Why are so many
horses dying at Santa Anita?” Santa Anita Park in California is one of the
most famous and glamorous horse racing venues in the world, with a long history
of movie star patrons, famous wins, legendary wealth — and the tortured 
lives and deaths of thousands of horses.

The Guardian reports: “The famous racetrack [Santa Anita] has
been closed after 21 horses died in the last few months. And questions have
been raised about the racing industry across the US.”
And the
question I have is why has it taken this long and this much catastrophe to
finally gain public awareness of this barbarous and horrific “sport?”
All of this hideous mistreatment and unjustifiable harm of horses has been
going on since the beginning of the competitive horse racing franchise, but it
is only coming to light now because of an uptick in the number of gruesome
injury and deaths of horses.

If there were fewer of these injuries and deaths would our “civilized” and “decent” society continue to be complacently unaware of the horse racing atrocity? We still haven’t seen any real interference with horse racing malfeasance from any government authority.

Will we ever? The horse racing industry has begun at least the appearance of
policing itself — after huge negative publicity worldwide and louder public
outcry they have never been forced to hear before. Could this be the beginning
of the end of the horse racing travesty? And the beginning of hope for
tortured, mistreated horses?

Sad Horse

The Big Lie

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