Aloe Veritas in a Nutshell


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Aloe Veritas is an online Vegan publication that will feature articles, essays, poems, photos, artworks and other forms of creative expression that celebrate, defend,  and seek to heal all beings that share this environment — this small blue-green dot in the vastness of space that we call Mother Earth, our home.  Aloe is a miraculous healing plant (not a cactus but a member of the lily family) that many people see as a symbol of peace, healing and gentleness. It is therefore a perfect symbol for a publication that seeks to reach out and mitigate against harm and oppression of all beings of the earth, particularly for those  who cannot speak for themselves — marginalized and underrepresented people, all animals and the environment.

And we will be placing a very strong emphasis on Food and everything about the wonderful world of plant based Food —  from growing to preparing to eating to celebrating — and all completely Vegan.  This magazine will be a foodie’s delight!

Please check out our Kickstarter project on

More About Who We Are

We are vegan because we believe that perpetrating the harm and suffering of animals, even those we call ‘livestock’, is deeply immoral and unnatural to human beings.  Meat production is totally unnecessary, never has and never will mitigate against poverty or starvation, and now cattle grazing is proving to be the largest environmental threat the earth has ever known.  The amazon forest — the lungs of our planet — is daily being whittled away to make room for more and more cattle.  And all the while these worldwide herds are producing methane gas and other pollution problems that are far more destructive to the atmosphere than fossil fuels and other industrial emissions combined.  So far, corporations and Big Agriculture have been very successful at hiding these facts.

Further, Aloe Veritas is predicated on the understanding that history has proven that once the killing and consumption of animals is accepted as normal, then oppression, murder and even genocide of people is a concomitant.   The two are never separate.  The same disdain for life and willingness to harm humans and non-humans and consume animals leads inevitably to the third element: the drive to exploit and destroy the environment that sustains us all.  When caring and empathy have been turned off, no one matters anymore and nothing is safe from harmful exploitation, not even the earth itself.

Therefore we see veganism not as an ancillary issue, but as an understanding of life that is paramount and primary. The vegan worldview can provide a vast umbrella under which new ideas and ways of living and thinking can be nurtured and created.  True, whole societies and their economies will have to change significantly, but within the rubric of loving and protecting Mother Earth and all who live within her is a great fertile expanse of amazing (and humane) possibilities! Aloe Veritas heralds not so much the end of an old way of life, but the beginnings of incredible new ways to love, experience, grow, create, learn and live in harmony with all other beings — human and nonhuman– on our beautiful planet.

What We Will Cover

Aloe Veritas is therefore not a narrow perspective but a wide open field.  We will cover broad range of topics, most certainly Food in all its aspects:  political, social, aesthetics, availability — including recipes, cooking, gardening, farming, restaurants, and any art forms that celebrate food.  And we will cover the economics of food and food production and all things that affect the economic interactions of people, animals and the environment.  The rights and the preservation of all animals and non-animate beings that we share the environment with will be examined and investigated. And we will cover the environment itself, the various pollution problems, the power struggles,the politics, and the stories of hope, improvement and success.

Aloe Veritas will certainly devote coverage to the rights and issues of human beings, including such viewpoints as Feminism, the LGBTQI movement, inequality studies, the black lives matter movement, and all voices that speak out against discrimination in all its hydraheaded forms. All of these groups and viewpoints essentially address the same destructive greed and inhumanity that is threatening to destroy all life on earth as we have ever known it.

Aloe Veritas will feature and share in the arts, literature, journalism, non-fiction, films, podcasts, music and live performance — any form of creative expression which honors and heals the earth. Artists, authors, performers and freelancers of all kinds will be encouraged to send us their work.  We may have to start out without much ability to pay contributors but our goal is to become able to pay according to industry standards for high quality contributions as soon as possible.

We will always have a home for great humor, including satire and other types of comedy and comic writing, review and art.  We hope to have our own cartoonist someday…

And we will  be willing make space for differing points of view and those who disagree and will include a “letters to the Editor” section and an op-ed forum.  Reader collaboration, feedback, and participation will always be encouraged.

Funding and the Future

Aloe Veritas will be a digital online publication only. At present, we have no plans for paper printing (other than by special request or for specific purposes).

The “Kick-off” crowd funding campaign for Aloe Veritas as an online magazine will be live soon on If there is enough interest and Aloe Veritas is able to launch, there will be more crowd funding campaigns in the future, if needed.

Once we are funded, Aloe Veritas will transform from a blog site to an online magazine platform which will include a professional, fully functional website which will be monetized and capable of accepting donations, and it will accept and process paid subscriptions to the magazine.

We may accept paid advertisements that align with our mission and principles and we may display unpaid notices and public announcements from organizations and entities on a similar basis.

In the near future, we intend to partner with seller(s) of Aloe products and will offer a “Store” page on our site. We also intend to sell books (in partnerships) and other items that relate to veganism, or are of interest to our readers. These partnerships will generate commissions on sales that will provide ongoing funding for Aloe Veritas, to be used mainly for the purpose of supporting the website and ongoing production of the magazine; and this will enable us to pay contributors who provide material (written, visual graphics, or other media) for this publication.

Aloe Veritas will follow the nonprofit organizational model and will seek grant funding from various sources on a continuous basis.  We will also recognize, reward and thank all of our supporters, subscribers and funders to the best of our ability, including a “Friends of Aloe Veritas” page and other forms of recognition throughout the magazine and throughout the year.

Grandmother Tree of Aloe Veritas

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