Kudos to Animals Australia and Save The Cows in Rheinberg

A Short Little Video About Cows, Joy, and A Second Chance

Video clip showing cows being released to pasture rather than taken to slaughter

“Rescued cows say thank you in the most incredible way” From Animals Australia -video

Sometimes you need to hear something that will make you feel better about the world and will bolster your conviction that suffering and misery and cruelty don’t always have to win. Sometimes joy, kindness and justice can come out on top and shine like a beacon on a hill. Let us all keep looking for that light and make as much of it as we can ourselves.

“Some of the purest joy you will ever see,” Animals Australia – video

This brief video helped to remind me of what is possible and gave me some hope to keep me going. There are some good kind people out there who are willing to do what they can to help and rescue animals that have no way to help themselves. Are you one of those people? I give you my heartfelt thanks and so do millions of others, (people and animals).

“Keep on keepin’ on” and have a wonderful week.

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Official logo of Wings of Rescue

WINGS OF RESCUE: Pilots Volunteer to Fly 1000’s of Animals to Safety Every Year

Rescued Doggie observing instrument panel in cockpit

Wherever natural disasters happen in the world, Wings of Rescue, a non-profit organization of volunteer pilots, are ready to fly in to rescue stranded or abandoned animals. They also respond to large scale situations of neglect and over crowded or abusive animal shelters and will remove these animals to no-kill shelters that they partner with around the country.

A good example of the work they do:

In the aftermath of the devastating hurricane Maria that Puerto Rico still reels from, Wings of Rescue flew almost round the clock bringing in bottled water and other supplies for Puerto Rican survivors and flying out abandoned and endangered animals to no-kill shelters in the US.

Over 31,000 animals — dogs, cats, pot bellied pigs and more — have been flown to safety so far. To accomplish these rescues Wings works in close partnership with such organizations as Greater, and shelters and chapters of SPCA, HAWS, the Humane Society, and PAWS.

Here is an excerpt from their website:

“Wings Of Rescue – Let The Fur Fly

Wings of Rescue’s Mission is to fly large scale transports from disaster areas and overcrowded shelters to shelters where there is empty kennel space and where no local shelter pets are displaced by our flights.

We are proud of our achievements. Because of your generous donations there are well over 30,000 pets who otherwise would have perished in overcrowded shelters who have flown to new loving families.”

Wings of Rescue is in need of donations in order to continue their important work, especially in the recently hard hit areas in the Midwest and other sites of natural and manmade disaster. If you would like to donate, please click here. Or go to their website at

Plant-based Food Maker Building $310 Million Facility in Indiana — CBS News

A Black Bean Burger – Delicious -and actually good for you!

This is the best news for human health, all animals and the Environment in decades! What a break after the increased denialism and the lowering standards (the gutting actually) of the EPA in the Trump era. If more things like this keep happening, we might stand a chance!

This plant plant (double word intended) is going to be built in Indiana, eh? Go Hoosiers!

Cruelty to Animals: Protestor confronts Jeff Bezos of Amazon / WholeFoods

Amazon and Wholefoods is supplied with millions of chicken, beef, pork, and dairy products that are produced on horrendously cruel “farms”. Amazon is spending a fortune to go to Mars, but not one penny to stop the needless suffering of animals.

For more information of this terrible saga of inhumanity see a recent post by Veganista: “America’s Largest Dairy Busted for Severe Abuse to Baby Calves” (Aviso: there are film clips here that are extremely violent and very hard to watch).

You can be sure that Amazon and almost all major grocery chains are customers of this dairy and know full well what their practices are. Hopefully someday soon they will be forced to stop providing these toxic “foods” and to make reparations for the loss of human health and all the animal suffering and cruelty they have committed.

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